nature-sunset-person-woman-largeHere at self help4U we hold a very passionate philosophy and belief which has been with us since the first day we started to develop the site. It is also one of the main reasons for developing it.

Put simply, we believe it is the right of everyone to have the opportunity of learning how to manage and overcome the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress related conditions. As you will know these symptoms can be very destructive to everyday living, yet those who unfortunately experience them often find themselves lost in terms of knowing how to manage and deal with them.

As a psychologist I became acutely aware of the flaw in a system where too many people were going untreated and forced to live with their symptoms day after day, month after month and year after year.

This was due to several factors; 1) waiting lists to see a psychologist or counselor were too long; 2) private therapy is too expensive for many, especially those living on benefits due to their condition and inability to work; 3) Often location is a factor as many people live outside areas that provide the kind of help needed.

There is little doubt that these past few years have proven to be very distressing for millions of people around the world who have all suffered in one way or another. Loss of jobs, careers and homes, as well as the recent world wide escalation of threat to peace, all contribute towards a surge in the number of people who experience serious mental health issues.

Add to this personal issues experienced that contribute to many serious mental health issues, it is no wonder there seems to be a worldwide crisis.

Due to all the above, it seems that depression, anxiety and stress related conditions have unfortunately become a part of our lives and the problem isn’t going away any day soon by the looks of things.

As a psychologist I started to wonder what I could do in my own small way to bring about change that would actually enable “Anyone” experiencing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress related problems to learn “HOW” to manage and overcome them in an affordable and accessible way.

Yes, people might go on a waiting list to be seen by a therapist, but to wait for a year is not viable and not a solution. Getting help privately? A course of private therapy (CBT) is expensive, perhaps $1600 for sixteen sessions, making it impossible for many. I started to realize that there has to be a new way to deal with the situation where learning CBT techniques would become more accessible and more affordable.
As you may know the treatment of choice for depression, anxiety and stress related conditions is often Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT for short. I am a highly qualified and experienced CBT practitioner and have been for many years.

I wondered how I can utilize my expertise to bring about the kind of change to these epic proportions of suffers who could benefit from learning all that I know in terms of CBT. Could this be one possible solution? Yes it could.

I decided to make a website, this one, and to develop a self help program where I would teach CBT techniques on line as a self help program. I wanted a program that anyone, anywhere in the world would have access to. I developed a seven module self help program teaching CBT techniques as well as Mindfulness and conscious awareness techniques. All three together become one huge powerful tool in the reduction of symptoms.
No, this is not CBT therapy, but a new, different and effective way of tackling symptoms head on. I teach exactly the same techniques in the program as I teach in therapy. The main difference being that in the program you will learn the techniques and then apply them to your own personal situation. In CBT, face to face therapy you would be doing both with the therapist.

As it happens CBT lends itself beautifully to “Self help” as it is a method where much of the work and learning is completed outside a therapy room in the form of essential homework exercises. This is where much of the learning takes place and therefore extending the practice of “homework exercises” to a full program should not be too problematic. With the help of sixty teaching videos, a lot of learning is possible.
It is my own passionate belief that no one should be the victim of their condition. It is difficult enough to deal with external circumstances of life that are completely out of our control, but there are ways to manage our internal issues if and when we learn how to.

By using this site and the self help program, you will be given the opportunity to help yourself. By following the self help program you give yourself the opportunity to learn the precious CBT techniques that hold the possibility and hope to help you successfully manage and overcome your symptoms.

The program is not free of charge unfortunately, but I have tried to make it reasonable enough to be affordable to most if not everyone. Working out the sums, a course of CBT therapy will cost in the region of $1,500 whereas the complete program will cost approximately $350.

In actual fact the advantages of the self help program are many. You will have 24/7 access, as opposed to once a week therapy. You can go through the program and watch the self help videos as many times as you need to, whenever and wherever you need to. This, I think represents great value because even in a couple of years time, if symptoms return, you will be able to use the program in exactly the same way you did the first time around, not so with costly therapy.

Our belief here is to give great value for money and at the same time provide a quality and helpful program accessible to all. The program provides you with just this, so please feel free to register and use all the resources on the site.

Thank you and good luck.